Our top priority is service to humanity
Every 35 seconds a child dies of Malaria in Africa. Malaria is one of the deadliest diseases ravaging the poorer parts of the world. Like a merciless and ruthless warlord, it has sent millions of people, especially children, to their early graves.
Malaria is a blood-borne disease carried by mosquitoes. It destroys the blood walls, weakening the body's immune system, attacks the liver and kidney, and causes dysentery resulting in severe diarrhoea. Unfortunately even several centuries after its discovery, malaria still devastates humans, there are 300-500 million clinical cases with three million deaths every year around the world. Despite laudable efforts to control the disease, the challenge remains that people in remote communities rarely benefit from such programs. READ MORE

CHAMA is a not-for-profit society based
out of Halifax that aspires to be Africas
most vibrant community organization for
health and well-being by treating
malaria and reducing poverty and the
incident of HIV among youths.
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Olugu's 16 month old baby girl, “Goodness”, had fallen victim to malaria and died. Before her death, He lost his father to cholera....
Our dreams and aspirations
at CHAMA are growing
alongside the people we care
for. Some of our current and
future goals are....
We are always pleased to have more helping hands. If you would like to volunteer in any way please get in touch with us.
Our journey has been great. You can see and read more of our video of recent missions....
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