Our Trips:

FIRST TRIP – Winter 2006

Olugu was heartbroken after the lost of his 16 month old daughter (Goodness) to malaria in 2006. In the same year, motivated by his own tragedy, he declared war against malaria and bad water. He vowed to use his pain to help other million children who are dying needlessly of malaria and orphaned children whose parents died of malaria, cholera and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

While in Canada, he used his personal savings and credit cards, and was able to procure malaria medications. Olugu took missions back to his community in Nigeria with fifteen volunteered medical doctors and nurses who administered malaria medications free to over 300 needy children and seniors.

Wheel chairs donated in Canada were donated to the needy that walk with flip-flop pads in thier hands. From a humble beginning, this has grown into an amazing International-African mission with medical doctors from across the globe joining the organization to providing free malaria medication, clothing, drilling wells, nutritious meals and school supplies.

This led to the formation of our charity called CHAMA (Challenge AIDs & Malaria in Africa). CHAMA is a registered as a non-for-profit international organization with the province of Nova Scotia, Canada under the society Act of 1986, amended 1993. CHAMA makes a bi-annual mission trip to needy communities in Africa with volunteers.

SECOND TRIP – Fall/Winter 2007/08

During the previous trip, Olugu saw children walking about naked. Their body was exposed to mosquitoes which transfer the malaria disease. He returned to Canada and campaigned a clothes and shoe drive. The citizens generously donated over 25,000 pairs of shoes and clothing.

It was humbling to saw how the shoes and clothes we often throw into the garbage bins in Canada became life savers to needy communities. But it was sad to see many left in disappointments as the limited shipped clothing could not go around needy community.

HIV/AIDS education and malaria awareness were provided to the community with environmental friendly seminars conducted in which unsafe environmental activities such bush burning and defecating in open places highlighted and proactive measures encouraged.

THIRD TRIP – Fall 2010

After the second trip, Olugu discovered about 80% of tropical diseases including malaria are caused by unsafe drinking water. According to WHO, in 2006, only 46% of rural sub-Saharan Africa had access to improved access drinking water. Olugu visited the “brown river” from where the commonalities drink from. Children walk more than two hours to fetch water which often makes them go late to school.

In the fall of 2010, medical doctors from the US and missionaries from Canada travelled down to rural community of Amangwu Ohafia in Nigeria along with local medical doctors and nurses.

Over 1,500 people perceived free healthcare; 150 children received school supplies. A deep water well was built to provide clean drinking water for the Amangwu community of 20,000 people. Water Sanitation and Hand Washing (WASH) training was provided for community and church leaders to continue training other people. More 25 rural communities in Ohafia metropolis are on the waiting list for a clean drinking water.

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